McKee.Network Inc. can network your computers whether they are in the same room or across the country. We can implement your network to allow sharing of printers, applications and other equipment you may have available.

Wireless Networking

McKee.Network Inc. can facilitate your home or business to communicate via wireless technology using the latest protocols to provide a safe and secure solution for your home or office.

PC Connectivity

McKee.Network Inc. can assist you in setting up your Peer-to-Peer network, allowing files and resources to be shared without the need of a more expensive server solution.

Internet Connectivity

McKee.Network Inc. can connect your home and/or office for Internet access as well as provide the means for sharing that connecting between 2 or more computers. We can help you with setup of Web Servers and other equipment to utilize the internet whether it be directly connected or via any number of other, more secure means.

Server Administration

McKee.Network Inc. can help you in planning if you are ready to implement Network Server Technology. With this come many advantages for security and sharing of resources. McKee.Network Inc. is experienced in Microsoft 2000 and 2003 Server and Microsoft Exchange 20003.

Hardware Installation and Maintenance

McKee.Network Inc. is experienced in installing PC hardware (using Windows Me, 2000 XP and Vista) and peripheral equipment. We are experienced in building complete PC systems, doing memory upgrades, hard drives, printers, PDAs, and NIC cards.

Network Security

McKee.Network Inc. is also experienced in securing your network. We will come in and do an audit to look for vulnerabilities, and work to remove them to make your investment secure.

Anti-Virus Protection

McKee.Network Inc. can help you protect your network from viruses, spam and ad ware. These items are responsible for leaving your data at risk as well as providing a real danger for your information. We can install software solutions that will monitor your resources and can pro-actively combat these threats in real time.