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McKee.Network is a computer & network consulting business dedicated to small business, non-profit and home computer users. Our services help individuals plan, install, and maintain computer networked systems and service requirements.

Need a wireless home or office network? We specialize in wireless networking options that won't cost you a fortune.

We also have a proven track record of customer dedication and service.

Why wait any longer for the freedom you deserve? We are ready today to assist you in finding the business and home network solutions you've been waiting for!

Our Specialties

We are dedicated to providing the following quality services:

  • computer networking
  • wireless networking
  • Internet connectivity
  • server administration
  • PC connectivity
  • hardware installation
  • hardware maintenance
  • network security
  • anti-virus protection
  • ad ware protection
  • spam protection
  • web site implementation
  • web design
  • web hosting

For more information regarding our services see our Services page.

For a no-cost consultation, contact us. The consultation is FREE, and your satisfaction is guaranteed!